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The Toddler House is a family owned and operated child care company that has served the families of Houston for 40 years. The goal of The Toddler House is to promote quality care in a safe, multicultural environment. This will prepare our children for future learning experiences.

We understand that the early years of child development are most critical for the success of every child. We emphasize the development of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, creative and academic skills for every child. The Toddler House strives to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve by providing affordable, high-quality preschool and child care programs.


Or $50 off your Monthly NCI Parent Fee for the first 3 months. Saving money this summer is easy at any of our 4 Locations throughout the Houston area. We are accepting Summer School Enrollment today at The Toddler House.


2215 W 34th St. Houston, TX 77018 | 713-681-3422​

150 E. West Rd. Houston, TX 77060 | 281-448-0515​

6606 W 43rd St. Houston, TX 77092 | 713-462-5093​

16610 Charterstone Dr. Houston 77071 | 281-376-9955​

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